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Micro Limit Switch Momentary Push Button Switch 0.1A/1A/3A 125V AC Mouse Switch 3Pins Long Handle Roller Lever Arm SPDT 12* 6 *6mm

Voltage:125V/250V 40T85
Approved: UL, VDE, CQC


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Product Specifications


Working current: 0.1A/1A/3A

Working voltage: 125v/250V AC

Contact resistance: less than 100M ohm

Insulation resistance: greater than 100M ohm

Compressive strength: AC 1000V 1 miunte

Operating temperature: -25 degrees ~ +65 degrees

Storage temperature: less than 85% RH

Widely used in electronic product equipment, communication equipment, military products, test instruments, gas water heaters, small household appliances, floating ball equipment, medical equipment, power tools and general electrical and radio equipment, 24-hour timer, etc.

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