Nature Pro 1 Switch

Exploring the Benefits of Mechanical Keyboard SwitchesDurability and Reliability

Shaft Type: 5pin linear Switch

Material:POM PC PA66

Mechanical Life:About 50 Million Times

Operation Force:30±3 gf

Bottoming Force:42+3 gf

Conduction Travel:2.0±0.3mm

Total Travel:3.5.0±0.3mm

Nature Pro 1 Switch

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Keygeek RAW Switch 5pins

Switch Type – Linear, Unlubed
Bottom-out Force – 57.5g
Spring Length - 22.0mm
Spring Type - Single-stage
Pre Travel - 1.8mm
Top Housing Material - NYLON+UMPE
Bottom Housing Material - UMPE+Si
Stem Material - Blended POM
Travel - 3.7mm
Mounting pins - 5pins

Flat Pole is Louder than Round pole

Manufactured by Keygeek

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