Magic Black switch(POM/PBT/PA66)

New Spot Cherry MX Hyperglide 5 Pin Black 60g / Red 45g Linear Switch Cherry for Mechanical Keyboard Switch Priority Shipping

Bottom-out Force – 63.5g

Spring Length – 18mm

Spring Type – Single-stage

Pre Travel – 1.8mm

Total Travel- 4.0mm

Mounting pins – 5pins

Magic Black switch(POM/PBT/PA66)

Product Tags

Mx Switches

Black Hyperglide: Linear – 60g Actuation

Red Hyperglide: Linear – 45g Actuation

Brown Hyperglide: Tactile

Blue Retools (not Hyperglide): Clicky

Hyperglide Cherry Switches Were Announced During Ces 2020. These Switches Feature Cherry’s New ‘hyperglide’ Tooling. The Result Of This New Tooling Is Increased Smoothness, Tighter Tolerances, And An Increased Service Life Of >100million Actuations.

Lubed And/or Filmed Switches:

Lube Choices:

Krytox 205g0, 205g2, 206g2, 1514, 1525, 105, 106

Tribosys 3203,3204


Christo Lube Mcg-111, Mcg-129

Film Choice:

Durock 0.15mm Or Tx 0.15mm Clear

These Are One Of My Favorite Switches So I’ll Give My Personal Recommendation:

Ghv4 – Durock Films Or Deskeys Films

It Is Possible For Some Switch Pins To Be Bent During Shipping. This Is Very Hard To Avoid. This Does Not Necessarily Mean That The Switches Are Damaged. Please Straighten The Pins Out Carefully Before Inserting Them To The Keyboard.

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