Micro Limit Switch Momentary Push Button Switch 1A 125V AC Mouse Switch 3Pins Long Handle Roller Lever Arm SPDT 12* 6 *6mm

Current: 0.1A/ 1A/ 3A
Voltage:AC 125V/250V, DC 30V


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Switch Technical Characteristics

(ITEM) (technical parameter) (Value)
1 (Electrical Rating) 3A 250VAC
2 (Contact  Resistance) ≤50mΩ( Initial value)
3  (Insulation Resistance) ≥100MΩ(500VDC)
4 (Dielectric Voltage) (between non-connected terminals) 500V/5mA/5S
(between terminals and the metal frame) 1500V/5mA/5S
5 (Electrical Life) ≥10000 cycles
6 (Mechanical Life) ≥1000000 cycles
7 (Operating Temperature) -25~85℃
8 (Operating Frequency) (electrical):15 cycles(Mechanical):60 cycles
9 (Vibration Proof) (Vibration Frequency):10~55HZ;(Amplitude):1.5mm;

(Three directions):1H

10 (Solder Ability):(More than 80% of immersed part shall be covered with solder) (Soldering Temperature):235±5℃(Immersing Time):2~3S
11 (Solder Heat Resistance) (Dip Soldering):260±5℃ 5±1S(Manual Soldering):300±5℃ 2~3S
12 (Safety Approvals) UL、CQC、TUV、CE
13 (Test Conditions) (Ambient Temperature):20±5℃(Relative Humidity):65±5%RH

(Air Pressure):86~106KPa

Can't recognize the jog even if the mouse is removed?

There are many kinds of tact switches. Among the mice, we also call them "square jogs", and the thinner ones are called "patch switches", which save more space than our common long jogs, and are common in delicate small mice. Or the side button.


This kind of tact switch is small in size, which can save the space in the mouse to a large extent, but we can see that the pins are very different from our common micro-movements. The pressure is also hard enough. Our most commonly used Omron The pressure in grams of D2FC-F-7N is 0.74N (75gf), so it is rarely used on common mouse buttons. And we can also see its shortcomings, that is, the life span is slightly shorter, so placing it on the keys that are not commonly used can save space and reduce its frequency of use.
This kind of tact switch is slightly larger in size and smaller in grams of pressure. Note that it is slightly smaller, but it also has 130gf. However, the biggest feature of it and the above two switches is that the life is much longer, that is, it is more durable. The pin type is "S" line.

This kind of tact switch is small in size, and the contact part is covered with plastic, which can prevent the rosin from infiltrating during welding. The fixed frame type can be directly inserted into the PCB board. It has a good touch. The button has a variety of options. There is also a grounding pin type. , Conducive to electrostatic discharge. In addition to being used in a mouse, it can also be used in electronic equipment such as telephones, stereos, and televisions, and has a wide range of uses.

The same is a square tact switch, but the difference is obvious, that is, the general life is longer, the reliability is higher, and the application range is wider. Let's take a look below.
From the point of view of parameters, the pressure grams of this tact switch is closer to our daily use of micro-motion. This series of tact switches have basically fixed length and width dimensions, different heights, and different shapes of pins.
The size of the switch is higher, and the pin type is the "1" shape that we usually see, that is, straight up and down, which is more suitable for our commonly used mouse PCB boards. The installation position is also closer to the position of the left and right buttons, and is longer than that. The strip micro-movement saves more space. For example, the "double-click button" in the upper left corner of the left mouse button has a narrower location. This kind of touch switch is most suitable.
158 series tact switch

The shapes of these two switches are relatively different, and they will definitely not be seen on the left and right buttons, and they are often found in positions such as the side buttons. Unlike Razer’s Nagavan Snake, that kind of switch uses a thinner patch switch. Most of these switches are side keys with a small number of side keys, which have a relatively long lifespan and a guaranteed feel.

TTC's 158 series switches are small in size, light in weight, very good in touch, and have an absolute advantage in terms of price. In addition to the mouse, it is also commonly used in electronic devices such as telephones, calculators, mixers, circuit breakers, battery chargers, stereos, cordless phones, alarms, etc., with a wide range of applications.

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