What are keyboard switches?

Because of the different pivots, computer keyboards will be divided into 369 and so on, but many people don’t know what a pivot is. The red and blue axes of the jargon are also confusing. Now let’s talk about the methods on the keyboard about axes.
What is the axis?
The axis of the keyboard is the malleable device under the pbt keycap, which is immediately related to the circuit board of the buttons. The identifiers appear one by one according to the click on the keyboard axis to activate the data signal. The working pressure of the keyboard axis feels different and also produces a different axis. Such as green axis, white axis, red axis and tea axis.
green axis:
Depending on the color, the cyan axis is known for its color. The difference between a keyboard and a normal keyboard is that each button has a separate switch to control and turn it off. The characteristics of the green axis are: the best paragraph sense, the best sound, the best mechanical sense and obvious rhythm in the article. But it’s loud enough for personal use.
tea shaft:
Features of the tea switch: Compared with the green switch, the rhythm is weak, but the light pressure is very comfortable and the opening is dexterous. It is a more luxurious mechanical switch, mainly used for high-end computer keyboards. Customers looking for perfect reading speed can choose such a shaft.
red axis:
When you hit the keyboard, you will have a direct feeling, lacking the paragraph sense of the article, but the opening speed is nimble, like a tea switch. With less hitting force and less fingertip work pressure, it is ideal for girls’ applications, considering the role of mobile games and pinyin typing.
black shaft
The common shaft of computer keyboards, the black shaft has strong resilience and the feeling of directly touching the bottom of the function keys. In terms of sensitivity, it has an impact advantage, is quiet, and is loved by players and makers alike. Clients and gamers who type on a computer often use a black-axis keyboard and often get twice the results and half the effort.

Post time: Jun-21-2022