What is the principle of magnetic switch

Generally speaking, a magnetic switch is a switch that uses a magnetic field signal to control the device. If it is non-magnetic, it is automatically disconnected, and when it is magnetic, it can be automatically connected, so it can be used to detect circuits or The real state of the machine when it is running, and there are many types of magnetic switches on the market, but the same is true, so what is the principle of the magnetic switch?
There are many types of magnetic switches, one of which is to set a one-point or multi-point spring switch in its structure, and then pass the tube through one or more nodes, and because its hollow interior is full of rings. The floating ball of the magnet, so we can directly use the fixing ring, and then control the relative position between the floating ball and the switch spring, so that the floating ball can vibrate in a certain area, so that we can use the floating ball inside The magnetic substance attracts the switch of the spring, and then the action of the switch can be generated. This enables precise control.
There is also a relatively common proximity switch, which has a relatively simple structure and is also called an inductive switch. And it is equivalent to making a mold and then fixing it to the wire area with a magnet, and then sending out some switch information, and this information can be turned on by a distance of ten millimeters, so the sensitivity is relatively good, It is widely used in many household anti-theft doors, such as some electronic devices in life.
Generally speaking, the magnetic switch is still a switch controlled by the magnetic field signal, so it will not be affected by the environment in practical application, which is why more and more electronic devices choose the magnetic switch.

Post time: Aug-20-2022