What is a magnetic switch?

Efficacy of Magnetic Switches What is a magnetic switch? Magnetic switch means sensing according to a magnet. "Magnetic" There are several kinds of magnets. Common magnets on the market include rubber magnets, permanent ferrites, sintered NdFeB, etc. The switch is a dry spring tube. Dry spring tube is the abbreviation of dry reed tube. It is a passive electronic switching element with contact points. It has the advantages of simple structure, small size and convenient control. Its shell is generally a sealed glass tube, and there are two iron elastic spring plates and rare gas in the tube. Usually, the two springs made of material in the glass tube are separated. What is the role of the magnetic switch? When the magnetic material is close to the glass tube, under the action of the magnetic induction line of the magnetic field, the two reeds in the tube are magnetized and attract and contact each other, and the reeds will be absorbed and connected to the circuit where the node is connected. Where can the auto switch be used? As a line switch device controlled by a magnetic field signal, the dry spring tube can be used as a sensor for counting, positioning, etc. (mainly used for door magnetism and window magnetism in security systems), and is also widely used in various communication equipment. In specific applications, permanent magnets are usually used to control the connection of these two metal plates, so they are also called "magnetrons".


Post time: Jul-16-2022