There are several kinds of button switches, re-recognize button switches

Everyone has been touching all kinds of household appliances in life. In fact, electrical engineering has always been a double-edged sword. If applied properly, it will benefit everyone. If it is not good, unexpected disasters will occur. The key to switching power supply security is in the network switch. There are many switching power switches, such as video voice switches and remote control switches. Today, let’s talk about the most common key switches. At the categorization level, there are several key switches. There are so many convenient switching power switches now. The buttons have not been withdrawn from the market yet. They need to have these advantages. We will identify key switches again today.
What is a key switch? The structure of the push button switch is actually relatively simple and has been widely used. Their presence is everywhere. This is a switch used to manually send out an operating data signal to operate an AC contactor, electromagnetic brake or automotive relay. The key switches provide the primary controls for stop, forward, reverse and shift. Usually, each switch has two pairs of contacts, each of which is an open and closed contact and a normally closed contact.
What is the type of key switch? Key switches mainly include open type, protective cover, waterproof, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof type, knob type, key type, emergency, etc. Open type, the key switch is more suitable to be inserted and stabilized on the switch board, control box or the panel of the control panel, the code is K. The protective cover refers to the outer cover of the casing to prevent the internal structure from being damaged, and the code is H. Waterproof, switch with hermetically sealed enclosure to prevent rain intrusion, code S. Corrosion-resistant type, the switch can prevent the intrusion of organic chemical corrosion vapors, code F. Explosion-proof type, this switch is more suitable for mining and other sites, which can avoid explosion damage. Code is B. Knob type, suitable for the installation of the control panel, because there are two parts, the rotation can be manually used as the actual operation contact, the code is X. Key type, this push button switch is dedicated to avoid accidental hands-on operation by others, or only by professionals, code Y. In case of emergency, this key switch is suitable for emergency, E, code is J, several key switches. Finally, there is also a light key switch, the signal indicator light is installed in the switch key, suitable for outgoing some operating instructions or commands, the code is D.

Post time: Apr-15-2022