The Micro Switch Travel Switch Limit Switch V-15 V-152 V-153 V-154 V-155 V-156-1c25 10A250V

The Micro Switch V-15, V-152, V-153, V-154, V-155, and V-156-1c25 are all types of travel switches or limit switches manufactured by Micro Switch. These switches are commonly used in various industrial applications to control and monitor the movement or position of mechanical components.

The “V-15″ designation is a general model reference for these types of switches, while the specific numbers following it (e.g., V-152, V-153, etc.) likely refer to different variations or specifications within the V-15 series.

The “1c25″ in V-156-1c25 typically refers to the electrical configuration of the switch, indicating that it is a single-pole, single-throw (SPST) normally open switch.

The “10A250V” rating specifies the maximum electrical current (10A) and voltage (250V) that these switches can handle.Overall, these Micro Switch travel switches/limit switches are designed for reliable and precise activation/deactivation in industrial machinery, offering dependable performance and durability.

Post time: Jul-29-2023