Technical background and practical application of automobile micro switch


The micro switch is a small object widely used in social life to connect or cut the circuit. Many micro switches in the current design also have the function of preventing electrical fires. With the advancement of technology, a micro switch will also be used in automotive components, we call it a car micro switch.
We know that the use of switches is very frequent. If the manufacturing process and materials of the components are not up to standard, the service life of the switch will be greatly reduced, and it will even cause serious damage to the electrical appliances/equipment used in the switch. Especially in the application of electronic equipment, instrumentation, power system, aerospace, etc., these micro switches are also required to frequently replace circuits, perform automatic control and safety protection.
In the car, the car micro switch is small, but it also plays a very critical role. If the car micro switch has defects in craftsmanship or technology, it will lead to weak switch recovery force, which cannot meet the needs of use, thereby reducing the use of life. Of course, in practical applications now, due to the research and development of new technologies, the automotive micro switch used is a micro switch with strong restoring force and long service life.
In fact, a car micro switch generally requires a base, a base switch cover, and an inherent insert. There will also be buttons in the space enclosed by the switch cover and the base, which is the core of the switch. We don’t need to make our own switches, but we must understand that the finer the production of this button and the more advanced the material, the better the use of this switch and the longer the service life.
Cars are constantly being updated. As an important component that affects the starting and stalling of cars, automotive micro-switches are also constantly undergoing technological upgrades to better put them into applications.

Post time: Aug-27-2022