Rocker switch design principle

Rocker switches are hardware products of household circuit switches. Rocker switches are used in water dispensers, treadmills, computer speakers, electric vehicles, motorcycles, plasma TVs, coffee pots, plugs, massage machines, etc., involving ordinary household appliances. Rocker switch, also known as marine switch, rocker switch, IO switch, power switch, has the same structure as the button switch, but the button handle is replaced by a boat shape. Marine switches are often used as power switches for electronic products, and their contact points are divided into single throw and double throw, and some switch lights. First of all, the number of lamps controlled by each seesaw switch should not exceed 4 (the purpose is to reduce the power consumption index). Secondly, in terms of control methods, zoning, grouping, non-lighting control, single lighting control and dual lighting control can be used (lighting separation control can easily achieve “constant brightness” under different conditions and save energy. It is compatible with advanced intelligent lighting control. ratio, the operating cost has hardly increased, and the construction unit will not accept unacceptable problems); two single-connection controls, two double-connection controls; three single-connection controls, three double-connection controls, etc. Two-way switches and intermediate switches (also known as intermediate switches) are a very good product and are widely used in industrial buildings. It is easy to complete two controls of the light fixture with a single (double) dual control switch, and it is not difficult to complete three or even four control lights with one half-way switch. In commercial buildings (or public metering hours), if you can easily turn lights on/off everywhere without having to run around to turn on lights (especially turning them off) and turn them off at will after use (usually, Few take extra steps like turning off the lights and having someone else turn them off). That is to say, under the premise that the designer does a good job in the lighting control design, people can turn off the lights at will, so that the lighting energy consumption will be reduced. In the long run, the energy saving effect is considerable.

Post time: Aug-09-2022