Introducing FSK-20-002 waterproof micro switch: the ultimate solution for reliable and durable power control

Reliability and safety are critical when powering electronic devices. This is where the FSK-20-002 Waterproof Micro Switch comes into play. Designed for a variety of applications, this SPDT micro switch is a perfect replacement for Cherry switches, offering a current range of 0.1A to 3A and a voltage range of AC 125V/250V and DC 12V/24V. What sets this micro switch apart from other micro switches on the market is its waterproof design, making it ideal for use in humid environments.

This waterproof micro switch has been rigorously tested and approved by UL, cUL (CSA), VDE, ENEC and CQC to ensure it meets the highest safety and performance standards. Whether you need micro switches for industrial machinery, automotive applications, or home appliances, the FSK-20-002 is a reliable and durable solution you can rely on. Its SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) configuration makes it versatile and its waterproof design ensures flawless operation even in harsh environments.

FSK-20-002 waterproof micro switch has a rated current of up to 3A and a rated voltage of up to 250V, which can meet the power requirements of most electronic equipment. Its compact size and durable construction make it easy to install and durable. Water resistance provides additional protection, ensuring the switch continues to function properly even in wet conditions. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications or use in wet environments.

In addition to its impressive technical specifications, the FSK-20-002 Waterproof Micro Switch has been rigorously tested and approved by industry-leading certification bodies to give you peace of mind. This means you can trust that it meets the highest safety and performance standards, giving you confidence in its reliability and durability. The FSK-20-002 Waterproof Micro Switch is the ultimate solution for peace of mind and reliable performance when powering electronic devices.

In summary, the FSK-20-002 Waterproof Micro Switch is a versatile and reliable solution for a variety of electronic applications. Its waterproof design, high current and voltage ratings, and rigorous testing and approval by industry certification bodies make it ideal for those who need a durable and reliable power control solution. Whether you need a replacement Cherry switch or a waterproof microswitch for a specific application, the FSK-20-002 can meet your needs. Trust the FSK-20-002 Waterproof Micro Switch for performance, reliability and peace of mind.


Post time: Dec-04-2023