How to identify the quality of the tact switch

The quality of tact switch products is reflected in:
1. The parts are processed with high precision and the coating is good or bad;
2. The size of the conduction resistance.
3. The touch is suitable for the level.
4. Whether the service life meets the design points.
5. Whether the level of security protection meets the requirements of the usage scenario.
Parts processing technology: The pin base material of the tact switch is copper or phosphor copper tape. After stamping, in order to prevent air oxidation and reduce circuit resistance, a plating process is required to solve the pin problem. In this link, stamping and electroplating will be directly related to the high precision of the terminal and whether the coating is good or not. Therefore, high-quality tact switches strictly control the two processes here.
Conductive impedance: The important influencing factors are the structure and coating of the contact surface. The functions of the touch switch are contacts and spring sheets. Therefore, the conductivity of the contact coating is directly related to the conductivity. The larger the contact area, the better, and the contact area is determined by the structure. , so the overall design of the product is also very important.
Service life and feel: The life and feel of the tact switch are determined by the key components reed, base bubble point structure and material, so material selection and overall design must have professional knowledge and scientific continuous certification and improvement in order to produce good Practical product.
Assembly process: The tact switch is installed in the environment of the assembly workshop. The processing technology and control are extremely important. The requirements of the assembly workshop must reach the 10,000-level purification workshop. The precise processing technology has been gradually planned from the product design, and modern manufacturing has basically realized automation technology. The production process, coupled with system software quality control, ensures the yield of high-quality products.
Finished product inspection: The methods and items of factory inspection are an important part of the quality assurance and reliable performance of tact switches, such as the inspection of appearance, touch, continuity, resistance and other items, which directly control and ensure the pass rate and supervise the inspection ability.

Post time: Jul-30-2022